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Muscle Gun Pro

Muscle Gun Pro

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Large-capacity battery, long-lasting operation
Silent click, quiet operation
Multiple massage heads for several muscle groups in the human body

Product Specifications

  • Input voltage: 110-240v; 30-50HZ;
  • Motor power: 1200-3200 rpm
    Trip type: DC
  • Intensity gear: 20/30 gear LCD touch screen adjustment
  • Power supply: charging with power adapter
  • Lithium battery: removable
  • Noise: less than 55dp
  • Main material: ABS plastic or nylon (gun body)
  • Handle: smooth silicone case and leather case handle
  • Six Attachments: U-shaped head; small round head; ball-shaped head; small flat head; mushroom head; thumb
  • Battery life 5 hours

Package Content

  • 1 2400mAh massage gun
  • 6 Massage head attachments
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 travel hard case
  • 1 User manual

How to use

  1. It integrates the two functions of percussion therapy and massage for an everlasting and soothing experience, relaxes the body and drives away fatigue.
  2. Effectively promote blood circulation, dredging meridians, stimulating acupuncture points, relieving fatigue, relieving pain, enhancing immunity and relaxing muscles.
  3. Thirty levels are available (1-6: light massage, 7-12: muscle relaxation, 13-18: relieve muscle soreness,19-24: breaks down lactic acid, 25-30: professional massage) to choose freely without limitation.
  4. Massage desired body part at the desired speed applying pressure as needed with the wide variety of attachments provided with the Muscle Gun Pro.
  5. LED/LCD display, two independent buttons can help to adjust the pressure intensity and pause the vibration, which is easy to use.


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Return Policy

Enjoy hassle free returns! You have 30 days after purchasing Muscle Gun Pro to return it for a 100% refund, no question asked! We truly care about our customers and we thrive to provide exceptional customer service. We believe you will enjoy this product.

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What is Percussion Therapy?

How it works

Muscle Gun provides rapid blows that penetrate deep into the soft tissue to promote pain-relief, relaxation, and tissue repair.

This increases blood flow to the compromised area, enhances circulation and helps to increase the body's own healing processes.

Perfect Recovery Tool

Relax your tired and sore muscles with the new Muscle Gun Pro. The massage from Muscle Gun Pro relaxes the body and drives away fatigue from the comfort of your home.

Suitable for your entire body

This innovative massage gun has six attachments. So, whether you feel pain in your neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, or chest. The Muscle Gun Pro is your go-to device,

It is designed to help you get rid of the pain, accelerate your blood circulation and speed up your recovery process.

Features of Massage gun

Unleash Unlimited Power like a Pro

Muscle Gun Pro unleashes a professional massage treatment at the convenience of your home. Every feature of this gun is designed with in-depth research of advanced ergonomics and user comfort.

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