Frequently Asked Questions

What is Muscle Gun?

Muscle Gun is a latest generation massage gun. It is a hand-held device which delivers percussive therapy at the convenience of your home

Why to use Muscle Gun?

Muscle gun promotes precisely targets small and large muscles with deep percussive pressure providing other recovery-related benefits like decreasing muscle pain and tension. It promotes recovery after injury or intense activity by improving blood flow to the area.

How to use Muscle Gun?

Fully charge the battery before first use. With unit OFF, Insert an attachment as per your requirement. Power ON the device using the ON/OFF switch at the bottom. Select your gear level.

How many attachments are provided?

Six attachments are provided along with the device. Each attachment has its intended use. Please read the user guide provided in the box for further instructions.

How to clean and store the Muscle Gun?

Use a slightly damp towel to clean device and dry with a soft cloth. For storage or travel purposes, detach battery and store in the exclusive Muscle Gun case provided.